Friday, November 11, 2011

This is Sister President, Signing Off....

Dear Sisters,

Over the last eighteen months I have had the honor and priviledge to serve as Chapter President. I first and foremost have to say thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you and our chapter, thank you for your love, trust, faith and support. Thank you for giving me something that has forever changed my life. I can say with one hundred percent confidence that I would not be the woman I am today without out my sisters, our sisterhood, and this experience. Alpha Delta Pi has given me so much over the past two years - and while this time has been brief, the impact is one I don't know if I'll ever fully be able to explain.

Alpha Delta Pi is truly a gift in my life and the experiences and memories I have shared serving the chapter in this capacity are ones that will stay in my heart forever. From my first Jackie hug on big-day to the first grip by former Grand Council President Sister Claire Brown Gwantley, from Leadership Seminar in Atlanta to Grand Convention in Phoenix, and everything in between. While I will admit I have had some trying times during my term, I know that I would not be where I am today without them, I would not be the person I am without them, and our chapter would not be the same without them.

As this journey is coming to an end and others - new, exciting and different - are set to begin let me leave you with a few thoughts:

Over the summer I attended a leadership institute and one of my facilitators told us that "the walls are not there to keep you out, they are there to keep the other people out. The ones who don't care, the ones who are afraid. When you hit a wall keep going, it's not meant for you, it's meant for them." Sisters, remember that when you hit your walls in life. Excellence cannot be achieved without passion, and with passion comes heartbreak. Because you worry, because you get nervous or upset - all of those things mean that you care. When we stop worrying or thinking or looking or aspiring to change, when we rest or let one another slip through the cracks we are giving up on the promise each and everyone of us commits to during our Ritual.

Sisters, always treat one another with the upmost respect, kindness and helpfulness. This will not always be easy. We are human - we have feelings and stressors and jealousies and work. But, remember, we are all students, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, and roommates. We all carry with us a past and a story. While we all have the right to be upset sometimes - if you don't have anything nice to say, or cannot say what you need directly to the sister, then do not say anything at all.

This goes for all sisters, including officers. When you think they "don't understand," or an event or project "is stupid" remember that a sister worked hard, and put in their time and effort to complete that task or project. Did you lend your time, skills or talents? If not, it's not your place to give anything but positive support - or help with the next project if you'd like to see improvement. And sister officers, remember that at the times when you feel lost or frustrated. Remember, it's all there for us. Look to our Creed for guidance, look to our sisters for strength and look to our founders for courage. When you do this, you can have no regrets. When you do this, you can know that every decision you've made, you made with the information at hand and with the best possible knowledge. You can have the security of knowing that every step of the way you made the best choice with the options you were given, and that the choice you made, was made with good intentions for our chapter.

There will be times at home, in your dorm at school, in classes and throughout the rest of your life where you will be unsure. Uncertainly is something we can be certain of. However, you can also be certain of something else - the tie that binds us together is strong and constant. The same Ritual that ties hundreds of thousands of women through time and space so too ties us all together. Look to our Ritual for answers, and know that they carry so far beyond our time as collegians. Also, know that with that tie, I will always be here for you. I will always be your sister.

Thank you to the founding sisters - you are the women who gave me a home away from home; you have changed my life for the better. Thank you to the Leadership Consultants who have shaped my life - you have truly shown me what it has meant to live a life as women of values. Thank you to our advisors and international officers - your constant support and sacrifice has led to our chapter's success, and I personally, would have been lost without you. Thank you to the sisters I have gained over the last two years - you have loved me at my worst and supported me to be the best I can be.

I am so blessed to have been a part of this amazing organization and I can not wait to see the amazing accomplishments that are yet to come.

Love and Loyally,
General Member
Alpha Delta Pi

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