Monday, February 14, 2011

Sisters, Sisters, There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

They're here, they're here!!

Recruitment is over. The parties, the stress, the excitement.... everything over the past two weeks has been leading up to one moments and for one purpose: NEW MEMBERS! Recruitment ensures that our chapter will last for years to come. We prepare and practice, the same way that sisters before us have prepared and practiced.

Almost 70 Alpha members were welcomed Home to Alpha Delta Pi last Monday night pushing our chapter size to almost 200 ... will it be crazy? Sure. A challenge to get to know these women? Of course! Are we ready for it? Heck yes we are!

With new members come new challenges - how do you form bonds with these women? How do we introduce new members to the wave and overwhelming spill of Sorority life? How do we continue to function as a chapter while still playing Greek 101?

The first few weeks of the new member period is especially important to the Alpha and Delta members (new members and initiated members) - these few weeks form the new habits and rythem of the chapter. Sisters either open up or feel left out. It also creates a new start for the chapter in terms of excitement and chapter goals.

It is therefore our job, to use the sparks and excitement, the feeling of a fresh start, to look back and fix the the things that need fixing, addressing the issues of last semester - to infuse positive communication and recognition.

As a Delta member - what can you do to give the Alphas a true welcome home? What would you like to see in the chapter, how can you implement it? Who/what committee can you bring your ideas to? What has the past year meant to you?

As an Alpha member - what made you choose Alpha Delta Pi? What were you looking for in a chapter? What skills/talents do you have that can be translated into a chapter role or leadership position?

Being a new member is exciting, and having new members is exciting. It's filled with firsts, new ideas, new people and lots and lots of new opportunities.

Never forget the moment you felt at home. Never forget the sister who made you feel that way. Never forget the thoughts that made you reluctant, and too the moments that reassured you. Collect these moments and hold on to them, not just for four year, but for life.

Welcome Home Sisters!

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