Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Take Pride In Your Pride!

When people talk about sororities you'll hear about meetings and charity events, parties, and all other types of stereotypes good and bad... you might also hear "Bigs" and "Littles" being thrown around.

In Alpha Delta Pi we call them "Diamond Sisters," but they're essentially the same thing that other chapters have - an older already initiated member of the chapter becomes the Big/Big Diamond Sister of a younger not-yet initiated member of the chapter. These women act as big sisters, mentors and friends. It's a special relationship that makes your sisterhood much more personal. Big Diamond Sisters answer questions for their Little Diamond Sister, help them meet other sisters and are there for them inside of ADPi and out...

The idea and purpose of Diamond Sisters is really an amazing one when you think about the common practice of "families." In our chapter Diamond Sister relationships exist independently of each other...I have a Little Diamond Sister, and she now has a Little Diamond Sister. By these relationships being independent of each other, no sister ever has to worry about the relationship of her Big Diamond Sister or even perhaps another Little Diamond Sister. While all the women in our chapter share the same values, we might have different senses of humor, like different movies, activities, music, whatever.

Different women connect with different aspect of our personalities, we share different moments, special talk, and different experiences. When we limit or build an expectation of the "type" of connection women make, we in turn limit our own opportunities to grow and develop new relationships and different part of our own personalities as leaders, women and sisters.

Instead of following family lines, or building family trees, Alpha Delta Pi has what we call Prides. Prides are made of Big and Little Diamond Sisters and switch every semester. Prides have fun and do different activities together, they're our version of families and allow sisters to get to know different women in the chapter on a more personal level than they might otherwise have the opportunity to do.

Need a Pride Event?

Chips and Dip Party! Every sister brings a different bag of chips and a different dip!

Get Crafty! Paint pin boxes, ADPi letters, make hugs and kisses blankets! Give every sister a square and make a quilt!

Go to the batting cages, driving range, go carts or laser tag... nothing like a little sisterly competition

Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or the local animal shelter.

Cookie Party - bring cookies or buy store made sugar cookies and get the supplies to decorate them!

Mocktail Party - dress up and crack the grape juice! Serve a cheese platter

Go to the movies, and of course sneak in popcorn and candy! Or have your own movie marathon at home! Have each sister bring a snack to share, get some sodas and turn off the lights!

Game Night - grab Apples to Apples, Scribblish, Clue or any game you can find!

Cook! Pick a fancy or simple recipe and get on your aprons make a home cooked meal! Or even just an appetizer party!


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