Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Badge Day!

Happy International Badge Day!

Monday, March 7th, 2011 celebrates the 15th International Badge Day!

International Badge Day was first celebrated in 1997 after being created by the National Panhellenic Conference. The idea was inspired by an article by a sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha, wrote an article entitled "A Simple Solution - Wear Your Memberhsip Badge Today." In this article, Nora M. Ten Broeck told of her experience of wearing her badge to work.

Pins or badges are a common Greek experience, so while this day was first started and celebrated by NPC groups, since 1997 the National Pan-Hellenic Council Inc., the National Multicultural Greek Council, the National Asian Pacific Islander American Panhellenic Association and the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations Inc. have all been invited to participate. This is a tie that binds men and women of a common cultural. Just as our Rituals might all be different, our rituals are all the same. Just as our pins are different shapes and have different symbols and different meanings, their function is also all the same.

As a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, our diamond shaped badge, as our creed states is a reminder of the four guide posts of our founding and act as a reminder of our purpose. When we see sisters from around the world wearing their pin, we know that we share a common initiation experience and were recruited under the same values and guidelines.

Our pin is a proud display of our affiliation and inspires others around us to ask questions. It invokes a sense of pride and encourages us to represent our organizations in the best way possible. While we wear "pin/badge attire" when we wear our pins in public, the idea behind them is that mentally, we never take them off. Even when no one is looking we should not stop living our Ritual, we should never abandon our values.

This year's theme: "Keep Your Fraternal Experience Close To Your Heart"

Happy International Badge Day!!

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