Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who Needs 'New Years' to Make Resolutions!

Who needs New Years to make goals and positive changes? We don't need a date or a time to start! "Goals are dreams with deadlines..." so while we don't need to have a start time, we need to set deadlines!

As the year is starting to wind down, I think this is the perfect opportunity to begin planing for next year - to learn from the past year's events and to start setting the tone for next year so we can hit the ground running!

Here are my personal goals for my office and our chapter! I hope you take the time to make some of your own - feel free to share!!

1. Improve Communication
- filter questions to the proper VP/officers
- utilize GIN message boards to share information
- take complete minutes and make sure they're posted promptly for all team/committee meetings

2. Create Positive Environment at all ADPi Events
- Create new positive recognition tools
- Make sure to recognize sisters for their hard work and skills they share
- leave our troubles at the door

3. Create Effective Systems
- Sub-committees for all committees
- Event chairs for all events
- Evaluate all events for future improvement
- Delegate as much as possible to develop leadership in others
- Make organization a habit
- Hold a productive Fall officer retreat

4. Have Fun!
- Collect/share/build new programs that meet sisters interests
- reflect and create opportunities for reflection

What goals do you want to achieve? How can you be a leader in your chapter in office and out? How can we stay "in the moment" while preparing for an even brighter future?

<3 Love and Loyally

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