Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UIFI: Helping Collegians Live The Ritual

The Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute is a conference for collegiate Greeks that brings members from chapters from across the country together. Attendees learn from each other and gain a deeper meaning of what it is to be Greek. "Whatever the letters, we're all Greek together..." this is the spirit of UIFI - we all have different chapters but we're all in this together. The bad that far too often overshadowing the good we do in our communities. The stereotypes that are perpetuated and negatively effect our chapters, the stigmas and the people the allow these negative images of Greeks to continue. We sometimes have a tendency to look only from the inside out as members of the Greek community - we understand our activities and functions and might understand the thought behind chapter actions - but do we see, can we see, what others do from the outside looking in?

The video below is an incredible example to the voice and challenge of UIFI. The spirit that it brings and the challenge it presents to each of us - to change our community for the better or to help others change theirs.

Every time I watch this video I get the chills! I hope it did the same for you.

LTR <3

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